If you are using a screen reader, we recommend that you call 1-800-742-5533 for assistance or to place an order.
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This is my son Stephen, born in 1992 with Cri du chat syndrome and my reason for using and sharing Shaklee and building a Shaklee business. My dream is to build my business so that I will be able to support Stephen for the rest of his life and to build a community providing a place for other people like Stephen.

Shaklee has the research and development to back up their products and a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. But, after you've used the Shaklee products for 30 days, you'll feel so much better and want more!

Call me at 1-678-472-1292 and I'll answer, or find the answer, to any questions you may have.

And, thank you for helping me help you AND Stephen.
God Bless,